Cosmo Lee has posted a list over at Invisible Oranges of the “Top Ten Metal Albums Marred by One Song.” As soon as you see the title of that list, well, you just know it’s gonna be provocative, and, well, it is — I won’t give away which albums are included, but classics by the likes of Metallica, Exodus, Megadeth, Pantera and Morbid Angel show up. Actually, pretty much every album on the list is considered a classic, and their inclusions are bound to piss somebody off.

I’m not sure that agree with Mr. Lee’s criteria for every song, either; there’s one track that seems to have been discounted because the lyrics are misogynistic, and while I agree that that’s not cool, I don’t know that I’d ever throw a whole song out because of lousy lyrics. I mean, most metal singers ain’t exactly sensitive poets, y’know?

Go here to check out the whole list, then come on home to argue about it. What albums don’t deserve to be on the list? Did Cosmo miss any? Are lyrics alone a legitimate reason to dislike a song? I’m curious to hear what you cats have to say about all this.


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