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Yep, I’m doing regional reader’s choices again. I didn’t last week ’cause I was sick and I didn’t want said sickness to add to my hatred of all things terrible, but now that I’m back to a fairly regular level of health/curmudgeonliness, I think we can resume these again.

Today we travel to beautiful, sunny, Orlando, Florida. I used to have an great aunt in Orlando and I’d go down there to visit her once a year. Then she died, and I haven’t been since. Still… Orlando! A nice place to visit.

Okay, here we go. The reader who suggested these didn’t give a name. Hopefully that’s not a reflection on the quality of the music.


Hey-o! We’re off to a decent start. This isn’t brilliant but I kinda dig it. I guess it’s death metal, but there’s something about it that feels really snappy and up-beat to me. There’s definite potential here.


This band is signed to Black Market Activities. That’s one of the few labels where I’m willing to bet that anything they put out is gonna be interesting. This band doesn’t seem to be an exception. It’s basically spazzy hardcore… if you like Buried Inside, Converge, etc., I’d wager you’ll dig this band.


This is the first band on the list I haven’t loved… I think this band wants to be The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza, but there’s too much deathcore. At one point it sounds like the singer is quite literally going “BREE! BREE! BREEEEE!”, and in 2010, we as a community should all have moved past that shit.


Well, they get points for diversity of sound. One song is kind of in the same vein as bands like Kvelertak; another sounds like a frat boy’s answer to Crowbar; yet another (my personal favorite) is like doom metal with dirty, bluesy guitars. If the riffs were catchier/more memorable, they’d be onto something. As it stands, there’s just too many better bands that sound like this.


This band’s MySpace music player has no music on it, and the link to their official webpage take you to a site that is still under construction. I’d like to tell the reader who sent this to me that he’s a dummy for sending me a band I can’t listen to. As for the band itself, I obviously can’t make a judgment regarding their music yet, but I’d like to suggest that they add some music to some web page somewhere.


Great fucking band name! The music is pretty generic southern style metal. I’d be more inclined to give it a pass if it didn’t feature lyrics like “We come from the swamp!” Llllllaaaaaaaaammmmmme.


Instrumental stoner metal… super generic and soporific. Pass.


I would also say that this band has some real potential. It’s also pretty rockin’ metallicized hardcore, but it’s not nearly as unique as Khann. Like Junior Bruce, if they can figure out some way to set themselves apart from the crowd, they might really be onto something.

In conclusion… Orlando is better than Vegas, but then again, where isn’t better than Vegas?

More regional shit tomorrow maybe.


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