Shit That Comes Out Today: November 4, 2016

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Hello MetalSucks reader! Welcome to Shit That Comes Out Today, your Satanic bible of this week’s heavy new releases. We list ‘em, we spotlight ‘em, we link you to their preview jams and full streams all for your jammage. Now crank this shit up!


Fra Doden Fodes Liv (Via Nocturna)
On a playlist with: Darkthrone, Enslaved, Emperor
Listen Fra Doden Fodes Liv full stream (here)

Hi MetalSucks reader, happy Friday! This week, a loved one of mine has suffered from a nasty cough; I’ve been treated to the sound of lungs abrading, of a wounded, freaked-out night animal that you didn’t see crouched feet away from your door, of the Babadook ffs. I feel for her, but mostly it kills me that we’re not recording her respitory dry heaves and then adding them to some cosmic black metal tracks. It’d be the BM equivalent of Obituary or it could be divisive like Inquisition. Might take some getting used to — unlike Uburen and their timeless, instant viking classics. Awesome!!!!


Habits (Revalve)
On a playlist with: Genesis’ Abacab, Glassjaw, Dream Theater
Listen Habit full stream (here)

MYR goes everywhere. Their album Habits starts like a ’90s INXS album, then assumes the shapes of Tool with a Euro accent or Voivod with a keyboard player. Next, a full-blast four-part harmony burst, a King Diamond-style interlude of accusation, a hook that would embarass Green Day and Iron Maiden. Clean as Cairo or the Symphonic Music of Yes, heavier than Katatonia. Extreme metal Faith No More and System Of A Down on prog. Ask what is MYR to be answered “Well, when?”


Death Tunes (Karisma)
On a playlist with: Alter Bridge, Baroness, Anthrax’s We’ve Come For You All
Listen Death Tunes full stream (here)

Of today’s sixty-something heavy new releases, Tiebreaker’s snazzy Death Tunes probably doesn’t land atop your priority list. That is, unless you encounter its vigorous endorsement on Screaming Guitars, which, for starters, notes Death Tunes‘ “deep throbbing passion for the almighty riff” and the way singer Thomas Espeland Karlsen “belches out a range of ardent cries [and] melancholic rasps of fury [throughout] a concept album of sorts with ‘Death’ as the focal point. Don’t worry though; we’re not talking death metal … The energy is potent and the vibes are rock and roll to the core.”


Beyond Flesh – Beyond Matter – Beyond Death (Saturnal)
On a playlist with: Tribulation, The Devil’s Blood, Watain
Listen Beyond Flesh – Beyond Matter – Beyond Death full stream (here)

Decibel on Kyy’s new debut album: “Kyy has taken in Sarcofago’s third-world brutality, Watain’s manic tempo and melodic sensibilities, and Beherit’s ugliness, worshiped it, and then blew it all apart to form a sound that’s distinctly Kyy.”


pretty-maidsPretty Maids
Kingmaker (Frontiers)
On a playlist with: Def Leppard, Zebra, Horse The Band
Listen “Heaven’s Little Devil” (here)

Have you ever encountered the old Pretty Maids song “Future World”? It’s puzzling. For starters, it’s the most tense song ever, like a bloody butthole clenched around Don Dokken’s fist. And secondly, I kinda don’t “get” vocalist Ronnie Atkins. At first, his voice is awesome like Zebra’s Randy Jackson and Mike Howe from Metal Church. But then it turns out he’s got two voices; at the pre-chorus of “Future World,” Atkins switches to a scream-sing, like super-constipated Tom Keifer or Udo Dirkschneider’s nuts in a beartrap. I’ve heard the jam a few dozen times and it still makes me flinch.


Metal To The Bone (Godz ov War)
On a playlist with: Bonehunter, Bathory, Motorhead
Listen Metal To The Bone full stream (here)

What’s the most stressful part of living a life of Metal here in November 2016? Is it the usual social stuff, like living with the weird reactions and tight explanations? Or is it our culture’s new lows, like a band holding a gun to its own head and its hands out for your donations? Or one of our best magazine’s addiction to enabling guys who get a charge out of doing racist shit? Is it the absence of Lemmy? Warfist is right there with you on “Metal To The Bone,” not the first pro-metal anthem but maybe the darkest. Its vocalists — Warfist’s own plus three guests — sound less like your brothers in arms than dudes about to break your arm. See also Profanal (below).



burial-in-the-skyAbysmal Grief Reveal Nothing box (Terror From Hell) listen
Arkona Lunaris (Debemur Morti) listen
Arrowhead Desert Cult Ritual (Ripple) listen
Ashes Of My Regrets Caricatures EP listen
Attila Chaos (Sharptone) listen listen listen listen
Berwanger Exorcism Rock (Doghouse) listen listen
Black Witchery Evil Shall Prevail (Nuclear War Now!) listen
fornicusBlessing A Curse Satisfaction For The Vengeful (SmartPunk) listen
Body Stuff Body Stuff 2 EP (The Path Less Traveled) listen
Burial In The Sky Persistence Of Thought listen
Cadaveric Fumes The Forsaken Triptych 2012-2016 collection (Blood Harvest) listen
Calligram Demimonde (Cimmerian Shade) listen listen
Cities Of Mars Celestial Mistress (Suicide) listen
king-hissCivil War The Last Full Measure (Napalm) listen
Condór Sangreal (Triton’s Orbit) listen
Darkc3ll Haunted Reality (Zombie Shark) listen
Dark Tranquillity Atoma (Century Media) listen listen
Dead End Finland Slaves To The Greed (Inverse) listen
Death Valley High Cvlt (As Fvk) (Minus Head) listen
Eggs Of Gomorrh Rot Prophet reissue (Vault Of Dried Bones) listen
junior-bruceEufobia Eufobia (Wizard) listen
Exploding Head Syndrome World Crashes Down (Wormholedeath) listen
Flayed XI Million EP (Kaotoxin) listen
Fornicus Hymns Of Dominion (Negative Earth) listen
Gargoyle Reborn In Blasphemy EP (Shadow Kingdom) listen
Thomas Giles Velcro Kid (Sumerian) listen listen
Graveyard Ghoul Slaughtered Defiled Dismembered (GFY) listen
graveyard-ghoulGridfailure Further Layers Of Societal Collapse EP listen listen listen
HammerFall Built To Last (Napalm) listen
Hoath Codex III: Crown Of The Mind (Saturnal) listen
I Built The Sky The Sky Is Not The Limit listen listen
Junior Bruce Endless Descent (A389) listen
King Hiss Mastosaurus listen
Krobak Nightbound  listen
nebrousLastoneout This Was Never My Story, It’s Yours EP listen
Leaves Eyes Fires In The North EP (AFM) listen
Mantra Laniakea (Finisterian Dead End) listen
Motley Crue Motley Crue: The End DVD/CD (Eleven Seven) trailer
Nebrus Exta Malorvm (Razed Soul) listen
Night Demon Night Demon EP (2013) (Shadow Kingdom) listen
Nightwish Vehicle Of Spirit DVD (Nuclear Blast) watch
noise-trail-immersionNoise Trail Immersion Womb (Triton’s Orbit) listen
Pretty Maids Kingmaker (Frontiers) listen
Profanal Supreme Fire (Iron Tyrant) listen
Reveal Flystrips (Sepulchral Voice) listen
Robert Pehrsson’s Humbucker Long Way To The Light (High Roller) listen
Samsara Bloodlines EP listen
profanalSedna Eterno (Wooaaargh) listen
Sick Of It All When The Smoke Clears (Century Media) listen
Sirens Over Sumeria Omelas EP (Imminence) listen
Soulemission Tales Of Inevitable Death (Black Lion) listen
Sorguinazia Sorguinazia (Vault of Dried Bones) listen
Starkill Shadow Sleep (Prosthetic) listen
Unlight Antihelion (War Anthem) listen
the-von-deer-skulls_the-rest-is-silence-300x300Vader Empire (Nuclear Blast) listen listen listen
Various Artists Brown Acid: The Third Trip (RidingEasy) listen
Various Artists Masters Of Metal Volume 1 (Divebomb) listen
Various Artists Masters Of Metal Volume 2 (Divebomb) listen
Vircolac The Cursed Travails Of The Demeter EP (Sepulchral Voice) listen
The Von Deer Skulls The Rest Is Silence (Wraith) listen
Walking Bombs Peace Quest listen
The Watchers Sabbath Highway EP (Ripple) listen

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