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Reader Dan Arminio sent us an email yesterday with the subject “dillinger+envy on the coast=north korea” which I immediately took to mean that the aforementioned bands would be doing a show in the long-blockaded North Korea. That would be insanely cool, although highly improbable/impossible. Instead, it seems as if two members of funky progressive alt-metallers Envy on the Coast, who have apparently broken up, are teaming up with some member of Dillinger Escape Plan in a new band called North Korea.

Which member of DEP is involved is a mystery; since the members of Envy on the Coast involved are confirmed as their singer and guitarist, that’d leave me to believe the DEP member is either playing bass, drums or 2nd guitar. Check the above rehearsal footage clip of North Korea; that don’t look like Liam Wilson on the bass (though it’s hard to see. where’s the beard???), the drummer isn’t visible at all and there’s no 2nd guitarist… is that Liam Wilson in the right foreground on guitar?

Anyway, the music sounds pretty rad and it’s sure to piss off l33t metalheads who can’t listen to anything that doesn’t have screams, blastbeats and breakdowns.


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