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It’s been a while since the MS staff was collectively jizzing over U.K. spazz-progsters SikTh, but that doesn’t mean the now defunct band is any less dear to our hearts. Quite the opposite; any time we hear about the involvement of any ex-SikTh member in a new project we get pretty darn excited, like when we first heard about guitarist Pin’s new band Aliases.

And this week we’ve got news about not one, not two, but THREE ex-members of the now-legendary U.K. sextet.

First, Pin: UK metal label Basick Records — home to such djenty artists as Chimp Spanner, Monuments, The Arusha Accord and prior home of Fellsilent — have signed Aliases! Check out some of their jams on TheirSpace; they’re quite SiKth-y. Expect a 6-track EP from Aliases on Basick in 2011.

More deeply ensconced in the “wow” department, about 10,000 of you emailed us over the Thanksgiving holiday to let us know that ex-SikTh vocalist Mikee Goodman and bassist James Leach have teamed up with… wait for it… Adrian Smith of IRON FUCKING MAIDEN in a new supergroup. MS reader Jim Jam saw it coming all the way back in August when he emailed us to say that he’d noticed Adrian Smith thanks Mikee Goodman in the liner notes of The Final Frontier. How ’bout that! The supergroup is unnamed for the time being, and though they supposedly had a gig scheduled for January 15th in High Wycombe, UK (near London) it’s since been canceled.

You’ll know more as soon as we do.


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