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Whilst trolling Facebook for hot babez last night I stumbled upon the following nugget of wondrousjoy:

east of the wall new album

Yes yes yes YES, ya’ll! One might accuse me of being one of the aforementioned unreasonably excited fellows except I’d say that my excitement is actually quite reasonable; East of the Wall’s progtastically unpretentious Ressentiment is easily one of my favorite metal record of 2010. I haven’t listened to it in a while so maybe I oughtta give it a spin right now to get in the right mind frame to write this post… ah, yes… there it is… that opening riff of “The Ladder” makes me want to punch things. Holy cow.

In any case, one might think it odd that East of the Wall are almost done writing a new record in the same year in which they released one, but there’s more to the story.

Ressentiment was written and recorded as Biclops, a completely different outfit featuring four of the same dudes. For practical reasons the men of Biclops decided to release Ressentiment under the East of the Wall moniker and combine both bands into one, taking advantage of the latter’s higher profile and record deal with Translation Loss. So when it comes to these dudes writing East of the Wall music as East of the Wall music it’s actually been since 2008’s Farmer’s Almanac and I’d imagine they’re jonesing to get some “real” EOTW music out there. By the same token I bet they’ve been working on writing this new record since 2008, and since these dudes have been touring maniacs all year it’s not like they churned it out overnight.

And have you seen those mofo’s live? Golly. Listen to some EOTW tunes and imagine the live pummelage you might be missing. I have every reason to expect East of the Wall’s next album will be as good or better than Ressentiment. I’d say my excitement is indeed quite reasonable.


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