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Last month, we debuted the track “ZX” from Dukatalon’s Saved by Fear, and the song was immediately declared “fucken crap” by someone who doesn’t know how to spell “fucking” correctly. But luckily, you weren’t held back in the first grade because you know how to read and write, not just because your mom gives really good head and was willing to spend some alone time with the principal, so you know how to spell “fucking,” and you know good music when you hear it, and your reaction to “ZX” was a simple “More, please.”

Well, you’re in luck: our friends over at The Deciblog are now streaming Saved by Fear in full in advance of its Relapse release one week from today. They even got the band’s own Zafrir Zori to do some commentary on each song, so you have a better understanding of what the band is fucken talking about.

Go here to give Saved by Fear a listen, then come back and let us know what you think. But not if you can’t even spell swear words correctly. I know we make typos here on MetalSucks, but if there’s one thing we never fuck up, it’s the seplling of swear words.


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