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I went to a really nerdy high school that was geared toward math, science and technology. It was (and is still) a huge high school to which the dorkiest kids from all over the city travel, and the kind of place where it’d be no thang if the dude next to you in math class could recite the first 100 digits of Pi by memory or some dude in your homeroom was already a millionaire because he had a thriving .com business (I just dated myself a little there… do the math). It was also the kind of place where kids figured out new and inventive ways to sneak booze into school (we actually had Senior Drunk Day in which my chosen method of delivery was a thermos) and the drug dealers had every dimebag weighed out perfectly by the hundredth of a gram. We knew exactly how fucked up we could/should get and handled ourselves responsibly, damnit! But I digress.

We also had mandatory shop classes in which you had to build things, although really we all just got high during our lunch break then drank 40s in the Photography dark room (shh… don’t tell Mr. Gordon!). This kid would’ve fit in perfectly at my high school and would’ve been adored by a few hundred Asians and Jews for his deft skills on the PVC pipes. He definitely would’ve gotten laid in your sister’s bedroom while your parents and sister were away for the weekend on a skiing trip in Vermont and you decided to have a party at your hot Upper West Side “free crib.” Long live this dude. He’s my hero.


Thanks: uber-maniac and fellow New Yorker Hetal Bhatt

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