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[Valient Thorr’s eccentric mainman Valient Himself back atcha with another MetalSucks guest blog! In case you missed it, check his prior guest column, a wrap-up of his experience as a fan at the annual Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin, TX.]


Hope everyone is having great holidays.  We are relaxing a bit after a loooong year, but we wanted to drop a little early present in your lap so you didn’t feel left out this season.  Back in October “we dropped the video for Double Crossed” a month after Stranger was released.  We were looking through all the footage and laughing at the great time we had making it.  We decided to show you a little bit of the “behind the scenes” that goes into making a video like that, and we put this together.  Truth be told, it came out every bit as entertaining as the video itself.

Here’s a few tidbits of info:

1- When the outtakes vid starts, you can see me freaking out after kicking a hole through the wall.  I had been waiting to do that for fucking HOURS.  And I only had one shot, so the pressure was on, if I fucked it up, everyone was going to be pissed.  And, whatever, it worked, so I was psyched.  Plus, we had been there drinking beers since 8am, and this was like 10pm.

2- That’s Brad Scott following us through the wall with a camera @ Charles’ (Cardello, video director’s) house.

3- We did go with our own idea.  It was pretty much Eidan, Lucian, Nitewolf and Sadat who thought of this while at the bar in Bielefeld this summer on our night off. And it came out pretty close to their original idea.  I know Eidan wanted to pull his guitar out of the one kid’s guts though.

4- That painting of Sadat was actually painted by Eidan Thorr on the night before the shoot!

5- Thanx to Emily Wiland for helping us sew up break away pants and shirts.

6- The room we are jamming in (i.e. the lame bands side of the duplex) was actually the recording room of this really awesome old farmhouse in Chapel Hill that we were allowed to film at by some buddies.  It was fucked the day of shooting because they were paving the road out front, and the driveway was blocked off, PLUS Google Maps kept sending everyone three miles down the street out of the way.

7- The dudes in the bathroom are both named Lane.  The glasses Lane is head of the North Carolina Thorriors Chapter.  The lame band singer Layne is an old friend of the band and wins best costume of the day.

8- That’s Charles touching Lucian’s weiner.

9- Sadat actually swallowed some of the cigarette tobacco and it made him sick.  Cigarettes are gross.

10- All the other “lame band” dudes actually work at the Apple Store in Raleigh.  They were awesome for helping us out.  One of them even brought a fucking Justin Bieber shirt to wear so that we could kill him in it!!! But in the end we decided not to name names.

11- That fake blood is delicious.

12- I bought that Star Trek tie that morning at 8:05am, and got a parking ticket while I was buying it.

13- Nitewolf tried spin-jumping that move like over 20 times, and the floor was slick so he kept almost falling and he was getting so frustrated, and then he tried this and it worked out perfectly.

14- I got sprayed in the face with powder waaaay too much on this shoot.

15- My shirt rip off was an ode to an earlier video we shot with Charles and Brad for “Man Behind the Curtain.”

16- We made a huge mess.  After seriously working ALL DAY on the second day, around 2am we were so ready to be finished, but then we had to clean up that house before we could split.  We didn’t leave there til around 3:45.  So fucking tired.

Anyway, hope you guys enjoy this.  Thank you to all the people who worked on it, all our friends, fans, and families.  We see you all in 2 THORRSAND 11.

Valient Himself

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