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SCREAM FOR ME, AMSTERDAM AND PARIS!Paris is about to get a hot metal injection via Vince Neilstein and metalgf that’s sure to out-Eiffel The Eiffel!

Vince and metalgf are going to Amsterdam one week from today. After 4-days of weed and coffee-fueled city street meandering and [weather permitting] bike riding and [metalgf permitting] crazy raunchy threesomes in the red light district, we’ll head to Paris where we’ll spend 5 night and ring in the new year.

Why am I telling you this? Because we want to go to a metal show, of course! If you live in either Amsterdam or Paris and know of a cool show (even local bands) happening between December 23rd and January 2nd — or even if you’d just like to be hospitable for an afternoon or evening and shoot the breeze about metal, love, life and the pursuit of happiness — shoot an email to me at vince [at] metalsucks [dot] net. Let’s talk!


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