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If, like me, you’ve been listening to Kvelertak’s Kvelertak all these many months since its release with abso-fuckin’-lutely no clue what vocalist Erlend Hjelvik was screaming, you may find this interesting: a YouTube (l)user has translated the Norwegian lyrics for the single “Mjød” into English. I double checked the translation with Google Translate, and, at least according to that site, the translation is more or less correct.

So what, pray tell, does Hjelvik have on his mind? Apparently partying and Norse mythology. Which is more or less what you’d expect, I guess.

Here’s the translation, according to whomever the hell this guy is… I’m leaving all the typos and shitty formatting in tact because I’m not about to make editing the writing of YouTubers my job:

Now we’re gonna sing a little song, it’s about alcohol We don’t have any lyrics like that, we want some spectrum. Suttung (norse myth) followed close by, Odin kicked his ass Suttung is not alive anymore, we have all the mead we want, full of all this madness. Going to light up a joint, put on some black metal and enjoy it with my best friend. Odin gave us Suttungs mead The magical mead, our dayly bread x2 So were going to fuck Odins widow while giving you awesome riffs.Odin gave..

So, uh, there ya have it. Hopefully that will in some way enrich your appreciation of Kvelertak. Unless you though Hjelvik was saying something way more profound, in which case I guess you’re probably sad right now. Sorry.

In semi-related news, I’m hearing rumors that Kvelertak may actually make it to the States to do some shows this year. Fingers crossed…


Thanks: Fantasyoosh

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