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A screencap of the hard drive on which Unearth are tracking their new album. These are all working titles, natch.

Since Unearth split with drummer Derek Kerswill back in October, fans have been wondering who the metalcore pioneers would find to fill his spot. And while a full-time replacement has yet to be decided, the band has announced that Killswitch Engage (and maybe still Blood Has Been Shed?) skinsman Justin Foley (no, not the Justin Foley that sometimes graces this site with his presence) will play all the drums on their album. The band explains in a statement:

“Foley was an obvious choice for this album for many reasons, but mainly because of his abilities and knowledge of heavy music as well as his long time friendship with the band. A decade plus of friendship has made this an easy transition for the band, Foley and our producer/engineer Adam D.”

Yeah, I’m sure it was hard for Adam D. to get his bandmate in the studio, but somehow, he pulled it off! See, miracles really do happen.

ANYWAY, this is obviously in no way, shape, or form bad news for Unearth fans, as Foley is a great drummer. Also not bad news: Unearth have announced that Mark Lewis will be mixing the album. If you read MetalSucks on a regular basis, you know we’re hugh fans of Lewis’, so no complaints here.

Unearth are “aiming at a mid to late June release” on Metal Blade, to be “followed by massive world touring.” If you live in the Massachusetts area and you can’t wait ’til then to see them, they’re doing a benefit show on February 19 for the family of their original bassist , Chris “Rover” Rybicki, who passed away in September after an allegedly drunk driver hit him with her car. The show will be at Saint Michaels Hall in Lynn, Massachusetts; tickets are just ten bucks, and all proceeds will be donated to the Rybicki family.


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