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Well this is pretty much the best video ever of the week; Paul “Chimp Spanner” Ortiz trading licks with his dad Joe.

Joe Ortiz was in the guitar duo Heaven on Earth (MySpace, Wiki), signed to Atlantic Records in 1987… so the guitar is in Chimp Spanner’s blood. But Heaven on Earth has nothing to do with metal, shred or anything remotely related, yet here’s Papa Joe positively tearing shit up. I imagine Joe Ortiz as some kind of incredible musical genius who’s all like, “OH, you think THAT’S fast? Watch THIS!” and then proceeds to shred his little son’s face off despite having never tried before, the same way uber-talented jazz dudes make metal virtuosos look like complete pussies.

But the best things about this video have nothing to do with what’s actually played:

  1. Joe Ortiz plays left-handed but plays a righty guitar upside down… even though he himself is actually right-handed. AND HE PICKS WITH HIS FINGERS!
  2. The backing track. Oh, yes, the backing track!
  3. The ’80s production quality and video effects, despite having been filmed in 2004.

Paul, I got mad respect for Chimp Spanner but you’ve got some pretty huge shoes to fill!


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