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Of course you do! If you haven’t already skipped over this post because of the headline, then I’d say chances are about 98% that you’re going to really dig Electro Quarterstaff, as I do.

So when I say that Electro Quarterstaff are for fans of bands like Dysrhythmia, East of the Wall, Coalesce, Gorguts or even BTBAM, you already know this because you dig all of those bands and you’ve already listened to the songs on Electro Quarterstaff’s MySpace page by now.

And when I re-post an excerpt of the bio on the band’s MySpace page, you know just how accurate it is because you’re already a fan:

Absorbing influences as disparate as Bartok and Gorguts along the way, Electro Quarterstaff remains a progressively-minded entity focused on visceral songcraft and layered, polyphonic instrumentation which highlights a seamless integration of wide-eyed romantic melody within a framework of orchestral complexity and devious song structure. We refuse to adhere to any musical rulebook and actively strive for bulletproof musicianship and hypnotizing fluidity. Mountains of charming riffs await to enchant you.

If you’re still really stubborn and insisted on getting all the way through this article before checking out the music, well, then get on it. The new album Aykroyd is due this Spring. Expect to be hearing lots more about it from me.


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