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Subject: Metal Fashion
Date: January 28, 2011 1:28:31 PM EST
From: KornFedGurrrl
To: MetalSucks

Dear Axl and/or Vince,

Hai! I’m an English Major at NYU and I just transferred from Dubuque Community College.  (I’m a real corn-fed girl LOL)  Anyway, being from Iowa and all of course I grew up listening to Korn and heavy stuff and I really love your site a lot.

Anyway we’ve got to do this assignment for my Media Studies class (YUK) where we get a piece published on a website.  Like I said I totally love your site (except Gary Suarez)(YUK) and also I write a LOT about metal bands and metal and some stuff about fashion, too.  (Mostly metal fashion).  N. E. WAY!  I’d totally like to meet up with you to talk about how having a Metal part on your site about Metal Fashion would be something that would get a lot of new people reading it.  Fashion is a HUGE part of metal and I know a lot about it and I notice no one ever writes about that on your site!

I’d do anything to get the chance to meet and talk and maybe have a couple of drinks with you about my idea and just … see what happens.  My dorm mate is almost never here (she goes to lots of 12 step meetings) and it’s so lonely in the big city (sigh).  Even though I’m from the midwest I just can’t wait to party in the big city like lots of people and I’m sure you guys know about being too fast for love.

(Also, really though, if we do meet up I’d really need to know if we could do this or at least if you’d sign a note to my prof saying that you had published something (it was due last Tuesday).)

K!  Hit me back like tonight, okay?

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