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Like most native English speakers, for the longest time I thought the name of the band Kypck was pronounced “Kip-ick,” or some variation thereof. I later learned that the word is in Russian and it’s pronounced “Kursk,” yet the band is from Finland. Stranger things have happened when it comes to band names — such aspirates from New Jersey — although now that I think about it Finland does share a border with Russia, so maybe it isn’t that odd after all.

ANYWAY, once I finally decided to give Kypck’s music a spin a couple of years ago I realized how bone-crushingly heavy this band is. They describe themselves as “Fast Russian Doom Metal from Finland,” which is pretty much all you need to know to get a close approximation of their sound. And what better excuse is there to bring them to your attention than two new songs from their forthcoming album whose name translates to Lower? It’s due February 9th via Yellow House Recordings in Finland and will hopefully see a U.S. release soon via Century Media, who handled their 2008 release Черно [“Cherno”] stateside). Or not… ’cause, ya know, the Internet.

Check out the two new Kpyck songs on their MySpace page.


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