This post is about the Russian-singing Finnish funeral doom band Kypck. Sorry, but “Kypck” as read with phonetic English letter pronunciations just doesn’t have the same shout-it-out-loud ring to it…. the actual pronunciation spelled out phonetically is much better suited for yelling at concerts and for blog headlines. Kuuuuuuurrrrrrrrsk! It’s like the new Meshuuuuuuugahhhh which was the new Slaaaaaayyyyeeeerrrrr! Except Finnish. Or, um, Russian.

Some day perhaps Kypck will make it to the U.S. But for now we’ll have to settle for a video for the song “Alleya Stalina” from their new album Lower, which is out now but I’ve yet to hear. Fuck, this song is so heavy! And uh, what the fuck is going on in this video? A guy masturbating furiously, Santa dancing with some broad, an old man killing himself with some fluid called Sinol (?)… wow. I have no idea what I just saw.


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