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Two years ago Anton OyVey and I get pretty drunk and watched Septicflesh rip about forty people a new asshole at the inaugural Scion Rock Fest in Atlanta; I think most of the crowd was out by the main stage watching some trendy beardo band, but I don’t remember who it was. In any case, their set was friggin’ fantastic, as was watching Anton make invisible oranges and drunkenly stumble/air guitar.

Until that point I wasn’t a big Septicflesh fan, but they made me a believer. So I’m stoked to hear their new album, The Great Mass. And “The Vampire from Nazareth,” the new song they’re now giving away for free download here, suggests that I won’t be disappointed.

This is exactly the kind of MASSIVE orchestral epic that Dimmu Borgir seem to have now forgotten how to write. Not hurting is that it sounds like Septicflesh used a real orchestra, whereas Dimmu Borgir started using a Casio 14-A after 2003’s Death Cult Armageddon. Also not hurting: that Septicflesh did not hire the worst female vocalist in the history of sound.

Download the track here. The Great Mass comes out April 19 on Season of Mist.


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