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protest the hero - scurrilous

The long waiting game that began all the way back in September with Protest the Hero’s first studio update finally comes to an end… or the beginning of the end, anyway, the real end being when Scurrilous and its funky artwork finally comes out on March 22nd. But at least there’s some immediate gratification RIGHT NOW in the form of the brand new song “C’est La Vie,” posted on the band’s Facebook page and official website, and lookit that, in the nifty embeddable Soundcloud player posted after the jump:

So?? I’m quite impressed. Not that I expected Protest the Hero to put out a dud, but with all the success and accolades bestowed upon Fortress these wonky Canadians could’ve easily settled and written Fortress II. Not so: the new stuff sounds distinctly and unmistakably Protest the Hero (no one writes riffs like those and no one sounds like Rody Walker!) but branches out in a variety of new directions at the same time. Given, this is just one song so we can’t apply that judgment to Scurrilous as a whole, but man… THIS IS GREAT MUSIC. A++++++ Would Do Business With Again!

Scurrilous is now available for pre-order here (Canada) and here (U.S.). Based on just this one song I certainly wouldn’t hesitate to pre-order the record, nor should you; there a bunch of cool bundles including CDs and downloads packaged with shirts and a screen-printed poster that features the album’s artwork and is hand numbered and signed by the band.

So… your thoughts? Chime in below.


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