• Axl Rosenberg

Hellyeah have a new video for “Better Man,” a song unreasonable people would probably argue isn’t a power ballad. In the video, the band sits around someone’s house for no apparent reason and plays the song, all while remembering some pseudo-romantic tragic bullshit.

And if all this seems familiar, well, it ought to: sitting around a random house and playing a power ballad while remembering some pseudo-romantic tragic bullshit was one of hair metal’s silliest clichés. Take, for example…

Jesus, that Motley Crue video even uses the same color palette as the Hellyeah clip.

I think there are probably other examples, but you probably get my point — yes, Hellyeah are constantly finding new ways to make themselves seem even more ridiculous. And this is coming from someone who admits to liking hair metal.

I just keep thinking, “Gee, if these dudes would only stick to Mudvayne and/or retirement, they wouldn’t seem so irritating…”


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