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Reader Ben Coughlin be mad. “really? this gets no fucking mention?” That’s the subject of the email Ben fired off to us yesterday, the body of which contained a sole YouTube link to the trailer of the forthcoming Mastodon Live At The Aragon DVD.

Well, Ben, honestly, it just didn’t seem like it was worth posting about. If you’re like us, you know exactly what this DVD is going to look like because you’ve seen Mastodon live 9 zillion gajillion times. I think I saw them four times just on the Crack the Skye album cycle! It’s not that we don’t love Mastodon; we do. It’s just that we know what to expect. You know… Troy Sanders does the thing where he spreads his legs far apart and bends backwards, Brent Hinds stumbles around and solos a lot, Bill Kelliher looks bad-ass with his trucker stache, and Brann Dailor does ridiculous drum rolls… all while tasty psychedelic visuals play in the background. Ya know, Mastodon live.

Live at The Aragon drops March 15th and is available for pre-order now in a bundle containing a bunch of extra-special merch items.

Side note: how awesome is the above Troy Sanders stage-move? Gotta be one of the best / most epic in all of metal.


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