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ghostlimb(metal needs more smiles)

Ghostlimb‘s 2008’s smasher of an album Bearing and Distance knocked my socks off. Like literally blew them right off my feet and sent them flying across the room at some poor MS Mansion Monkey’s head, not surprising seeing as the album was penned by Graf Orlock guitarist/vocalist Justin Smith aka “Jason Schmidt.” But you know what? It was worth it. Worth it because the only other alternative would have been to spontaneously start a fierce fucking moshpit and to throw my computer through the window and who cares about that damn monkey anyway two-day sock-stench be damned, get me some more coffee damnit.

But seriously, how can you fuck with these riffs? Only acceptable answer: you can’t. As the years pass I only seem to be getting more and more into this kind of metallic hardcore, the kind that’s fast, furious, raw, chunky and full of mothatruckin’ bluesy RAWK riffs. Think a significantly faster and decidedly angrier Doomriders and you’re close. Peep Ghostlimb’s brand new song “Construction” from the new album Infrastructure below, courtesy of Brooklyn Vegan. The album drops on April 4th via Vitriol Records and will be available for pre-order starting on March 19th (why the wait for the pre-order? I’m scratching my head too.).


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