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Back in December East of the Wall teased on their Facebook page that they were “almost done” writing their new album and considerately informed us it would be a fine time to get “unreasonably excited.” Those guys… so humble. Naturally we did indeed get very excited at that excellent bit of non-news… but not as excited as we got when this press release landed in our inboxes:

EAST OF THE WALL Announce Recording Plans For New Album


The band’s MS “best of” list-topping album Ressentiment came out just last year so it’d be natural to think these guys are incredibly prolific. And you’d be correct about that. But the rest of the story is that Ressentiment was written as Biclops, a band with most of the same dudes, and had actually been finished for some time before said dudes decided to disband Biclops and release it as an East of the Wall album. That makes 2008’s Farmer’s Almanac the last EOTW album actually written AS East of the Wall, meaning these dudes are probably jonesing to get proper new East of the Wall songs out to the world. We’re jonesing to hear them too.

The new record will be called The Apologist, and will be recorded at Translator Audio in Brooklyn starting on May 8th with Andrew Schneider, renowned for his work with Cave In, Pelican, Keelhaul, Unsane, Rosetta, City of Ships, Made Out of Babies and many others. The tentative track-listing for The Apologist:

“False Build”


“Linear Failure”

“My Favorite Society Guy”

“Precious Memories”

“The Apologist”

“Running Tab of Sweetness”

“Horseback Riding In A Bicycle World”

“A Functional Tumor”

“Nurser of Small Hurts”

“Whiskey Sipper”


The Apologist is slated for a fall release via Translation Loss Records.

More boner-worthy EOTW news: Ressentiment will be released on vinyl in Europe on March 11th, via Germany’s I.Corrupt.Records. Preorders for American import copies are currently being taken at the band’s official website. I’m all over that.

East of the Wall are appearing at Meek is Murder’s record release party at Union Pool in Brooklyn on March 24th. See you there. Many deals will be worked out and many Pringles will be crushed.


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