Oh, hey, it’s St. Patty’s Day! Like so many holidays, it’s an excuse for people to get totally fucked up… as though anyone needed an excuse to get totally fucked up. Still, I hope everyone has fun today.

Man, it seems like there is a serious dearth Irish metal bands. There’s Thin Lizzy (if you consider them metal at all) and Primordial and Altar of Plagues and… that’s it. Even most of the famous celtic metal bands aren’t actually from Ireland. Bizarre. You’d think people who liked to drink and fight so much would make a lot of angry music, but I guess they’re too busy, uh, drinking and fighting.

Now, I’m not a Primordial fan, and I know there’s a new Altar of Plagues album coming out, but they haven’t officially released any new music yet, so we’re shit outta luck there. And I already used Thin Lizzy for this holiday back in 2009.

So I’m going with the Dropkick Murphys. Yeah, they’re not metal, and they’re not actually from Ireland, but they do rock, and I am reasonably certain that they could kick everyone in Primordial’s ass without breaking a sweat.

Now who’s got my Shamrock Shake?


P.S. If anyone knows of any other good Irish metal bands, by all means, please feel free to leave suggestions in the comments section.


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