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AT LAST!!! We first offered to play a part in the distribution of Meek is Murder’s Algorithms last summer, before we’d heard a single note of a single demo — such was our faith that this incredible band would make something truly memorable. And they haven’t disappointed. With the aide of the masterful Kurt Ballou as their producer/mixer, Meek is Murder have now delivered what Decoy Music recently called “a banger” that is “packed with energy and charisma.”

And now you can hear for yourself — ’cause Algorithms is out today! We’re streaming the entire thing below, so you know we’re not full of shit when we tell you that this album rules. And once you hear that we’re not full of shit, you can order the album here. The limited edition CDs are all sold out, but you can still get a high-quality digital download for just $5, or a download and t-shirt combo for just $15!

And now, with any further ado, we present to you Meek is Murder’s Algorithms. TURN THAT SHIT UP LOUD!

[sorry, this streaming promo is over. buy the album for just $5!]

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