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There’s a bunch of new shit streaming right now that I think may be worth your time, even if I don’t love of all it… if that makes sense. Anyways, rather than do a bunch of separate posts, I’m just collecting it all here, because I’m lazy like that. And so…


  • Obscura’s Omnivium is streaming on the greatest and most relevant social network in the world. I kid, I kid. Seriously, this is a terrific record, and each song is, no joke, better than the last. Headbang here. Relapse releases the album on Tuesday.
  • Hopefully you’re already aware that our pals at Decibel unveiled a BRAND NEW Napalm Death song, “Legacy Was Yesterday,” right here on MetalSucks last week; the track is the flexi-disc included in the May 2011 issue of the mag, and the band recorded it EXCLUSIVELY for Decibel, so, yeah, pretty awesome. If for some idiotic reason you haven’t listened to the song yet, get on that shit right now. And, as a bonus, The Deciblog now has an interview with bassist Shane Embury which is also worth looking at.
  • Finally, Too Late the Hero, the inaugural sign to Lamb of God drummer Chris Adler’s new label, ReThink Records, have debuted a new track, “Hold Your Applause,” on Noisecreep. If, like me, you’re a big Chris Adler fan, you probably wanna check this out, even if, like me, you end up thinking that song is atrocious. Between TLtH and This or the Apocalypse, I’m starting to think that Adler and I just have very, very, VERY different tastes in modern metal. Although I happen to know that has signed another band, a band I think is AWESOME, so I guess it’s not all a wash. Anyways, mosh here.


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