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So Iron Maiden were playing in Rio de Janeiro on Sunday night, and the fans got so frickin’ excited that they surged forth to the point where they broke right through the barricade that was supposed to separate them from the band (video below). And I gotta say, I’ve been right up against the barricade at some big shows, and it can definitely be an intense experience (I have literally left a gig with a bruise line across my ribs/chest), but HOLY CRAP THIS LOOKS SCARY.

The band, needless to say, had to stop the show, and though they initially thought they’d be able to return to the stage after the barricade was repaired, it soon became clear that said repair was easier said than done, and the concert was postponed until the following evening. Which was menschy of the band — I mean, they could’ve just cancelled altogether — but it kinda sucks for the poor fans who had already done who only knows what (waited on line for countless hours, adjusted schedules, destroyed a barricade, etc.) to be at that show. But what sucks worse is that Maiden were only part-way through their opening song of the night when the incident occurred. And what sucks even worse is that that opening song was the title track from The Final Frontier, so it’s not even like fans got to hear something good before they had to call it an early night.


[via Metal Insider]

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