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the wire - funeral

Reader Jonathan Williams brought it to our attention some time ago that we rarely devote coverage to funeral doom. And the man is correct. I’d venture to say it’s because there aren’t that many funeral doom bands making waves these days, but Jonathan would clearly beg to differ based on the list of funeral doom bands he emailed us. In case you haven’t figured it out yet… let’s take a listen to those bands after the wake.

The problem with listening to and subsequently forming opinions about funeral doom, I’m learning right now, is that it takes an eternity to listen to the music (for obvious reasons). And honestly, my funeral doom palette isn’t skilled enough to make an assessment on these bands that I’d feel comfortable defending against a funeral doom connoisseur. To me it all sounds like really slow, monolithlically crushing metal for very, very sad people, and I can’t really qualify much else other than “like” or “dislike.” So how ’bout we go at it Facebook style? Please forgive my ignorance on this admittedly awesome sub-genre.

Worship: Like!

Evoken: Like, except the second song.

Pantheist: Very much like. Super epic.

Thergothon: Do not like.

Asunder: Like.

There ya have it… funeral doom on MetalSucks. Care to share some more?


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