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UPDATE: It’s official. Nevermore are off this tour. WHAT A BUMMER.

Well, here’s a potentially sucky situation.

We just got the following e-mail from reader Glenn Pillsbury:

“Just got a canned email from the promoter of the May 8 Symphony X concert in San Francisco that does not mention anything about Nevermore appearing on the dates, even though Nevermore was on the dates when I purchased my ticket a few weeks ago.  I sent a reply asking about it and got a statement from the promoter guy himself that Nevermore has indeed dropped off.  Haven’t seen anything from Nevermore itself though (their MySpace still has all the dates listed).”

We’ve reached out Century Media (Nevermore’s label) but as of this writing have yet to receive a reply. This news does gel with some unpleasant rumors we’ve been hearing lately, but… rumors are rumors, for lack of a less Yogi Berra-ish way to put it.

Now, it’s possible that Nevermore are just missing this one single tour date (which would blow for SF-area fans), but… the date is smack in the middle of the tour and I don’t know why they would only miss a solitary show, especially one that’s not at the head- or tail-end of the trek.

What would make this especially shitty is that Nevermore would actually be the SECOND great band to drop off the bill, following Soilwork’s announcement last month that guitarist Peter Wichers has a herniated disc in his back and is consequently unable to perform at this time.

We’ll obviously update you as we get official word from the band, but… no one should be surprised if Nevermore are no longer a part of this package.


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