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What do Smaragos and Immersed have in common? Well, I’ve written about both them before (Smaragos here, Immersed here), and they’re both death metal bands, and they both have new albums, and, uh, that’s about it. But I’m lumping them together to make two news items into one. My apologies to all parties involved.

But, for reals, check this shit out:

  • Smaragos’ self-titled EP is now available for purchase on both CD Baby and iTunes! This is an awesome, spastic-y tech band features Son of Aurelius’ Max Zigman, and the EP has a guest guitar solo by Ivan Munguia of Brain Drill and Arkaik fame. I’ve posted one song, “Scaphist,” above, but you can — and should — also check out more music here or here.
  • Immersed have just moved from the “Awesome Unsigned Bands” category to the “Awesome Signed Bands” category — Unique Leader has scooped ’em up for a multi-album deal, and will reissue last year’s In the Ire of Creation on August 2. You can check out some tunes here. It’s almost impossible for me to imagine that there could be death metal fans who wouldn’t enjoy this — it’s no-bullshit, totally bludgeoning DM. Hopefully the band will go on tour soon so we can finally check ’em out live.



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