• Axl Rosenberg

A couple of weeks ago I was flipping through the new issue of Decibel when I got a paper cut. In between bouts of crying, I was able to communicate to a MetalSucks Mansion Monkey to tell Vince that I had taken ill — gravely ill, in fact — and that he might need to try and carry on MetalSucks without me forever, or, at the very least, for the next few weeks.

My point being — I am not a very tough dude.

But Phil Anselmo is.

It seems that while doing a show with Down here in NYC last night (Note to selves: How were we not there?!?), Mr. Anselmo got whacked in the noggin with guitarist Pepper Keenan’s instrument (during the song “Lifer,” which, according to this tweet from Sirius XM’s Jose Mangin, Anselmo had dedicated to Dime), and consequently started bleeding from the head.

And he just kept performing anyway.

Bad. Ass.

Here’s some fan-filmed video footage… you can get a good look at Phil’s injury starting around the 2:03 mark:

You can check out more videos at Metal Insider, who first alerted us to this story.

This obviously isn’t the first instance of a vocalist not being a sissy-cry-baby-face — in just the past year, I’ve seen Made Out of Babies’ Julie Christmas and Trap Them’s Ryan McKenney suffer similar injuries (although I think those were accidentally-self-inflicted) — but it is the most Anselmoey.


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