• Axl Rosenberg

Corey Taylor and Joey Jordison have basically been contradicting one another in the press for months, with Jordison telling anyone who will listen that Slipknot will live on without Paul Gray, and Taylor telling anyone who asks that he’s not so sure. Now Metal Insider tells us that, in a recent video interview (above), Jordison has gone so far as to say that not only will Slipknot continue with Gray, but if necessary, it will continue without Taylor, too:

“You know what?! That’s for him to answer. As far as I’m concerned, Slipknot’s my baby and I have a bunch of songs written. And I’m in rehearsal right now with all the guys and it’s completely on fire. Donnie [Steele, Gray’s replacement]’s doing a great job. And as far as Slipknot’s concerned, it’ll always exist — with or without [Taylor]. So that’s it.”

And I have no doubt that Jordison means it — the brand is always more important, fiscally if not creatively, than one individual member of the band. And if you don’t believe me, just ask Axl Rose, Dave Mustaine, Sepultura, either version of L.A. Guns, Warrant, Quiet Riot, or the now Loomis and Williams-free Nevermore. Slipknot could make a go of it without Taylor, and who knows? The fans might not even care that much.

But, really, I think all this drama is pretty much B.S. I don’t know if Slipknot are so cynical that they actually plan out these feuds in the press, WWF-style, or if they really believe everything they say, but keep in mind that they threaten to break-up before pretty much every album. It’s part of the theatricality of the band. It creates a narrative for the fans, and allows the group to say “This is hardest album we ever had to make” for every album. (Gray’s passing means that this really might be the hardest album the band has ever had to make, but this in-fighting just keeps that fact fresh in our minds.) If I were a betting man, I’d say there will be a new Slipknot album, and Corey Taylor will be on it.


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