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Of any non-metal band I might expect to write a tribute song to black metal, My Morning Jacket wouldn’t been on my short list… but here they come with “Holdin’ On To Black Metal” from their forthcoming album Circuital, out May 31st. I wonder if MMJ vocalist / guitarist / primary songwriter Jim James has some Venom, Bathory or Burzum in his past? Inquiring metal bloggers would most certainly like to know.

I’m actually quite fond of My Morning Jacket; they’re that rare indie(ish) band that I can get down with, in no small part because they’re all such great musicians (and they write great songs and aren’t annoying). My Morning Jacket are my ace in the hole whenever metalgf and I are on a road trip and I’m tired of putting up with Taylor Swift.

“Holdin on to Black Metal” is definitely best enjoyed with the lyrics in front of you, so check those out courtesy of after the jump as you watch the YouTube vid above.

its a darkness you cant deny- but it dont belong in a grown-up mind.

distortion finds its place in a youngsters eyes- coming into life you need its grind.

but at a certain point you gotta let it go- or it will cross the permanent threshold.

you know you gotta find it out in somethin else good-

oh black metal you so misunderstood!

holdin on to black metal. black metal you been holdin on too long…

oh black metal so misunderstood- deep black service under lucifers hood.

black metal steals souls young enuff ‘z enuff…

32oz refill out of lucifers cup.

black metal need to be unlearned you teenage pup!

look at you starchild- you all grown up!

…but still holdin on to black metal. black metal you been holdin on too long.

catchin waves- on lucifers beach.

taking shade underneath lucifers trees.

getting sustenance from lucifers peach.

oh black metal- its affecting all your speech!

holdin on to black metal. black metal you been holdin on too long.



Thanks: Dan Wolfson

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