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Wormrot - Dirge

New releases from Wormrot (available for free download!), Before the Dawn, Leaves Eyes, Samael, While Heaven Wept and Xerath officially see the light of day today. Vic Vaughn takes a look at each after the jump.

Before The Dawn – Deathstar Rising (Nuclear Blast)
The sixth album from melodic/symphonic metal band Before The Dawn is their first for Nuclear Blast. Although this is the sixth album under the name, the current line-up was assembled my BTD mastermind Tuomas Saukkonen right before 2007’s Deadsong.

Leaves Eyes – Meredead (Napalm)
In 2003 Liv Kristine (singer of Theatre of Tragedy) and the band Atrocity started playing their brand of melodic/symphonic metal, eventually changing their name to Leaves Eyes. There’s not a lot I can say here; it sounds like a lot of other European female-fronted symphonic metal, I guess? This is their fourth album overall, in addition to several EPs and a DVD. The band members live in both Norway and Germany, for what that’s worth.

Samael – Lux Mundi (Season Of Mist)
Continuing the progression they began on 1994’s Ceremony of Opposites, Samael deliver another album of industrial-tinged symphonic metal. The album was previewed by the Antigod EP, released last year, which featured one song from Lux Mundi and a collection of live and remix tracks.

While Heaven Wept – Fear Of Infinity (Nuclear Blast)
While lots of epic metal just gets beyond the point of listenability, this music keeps me interested. The band is just a bit dirtier and doesn’t constantly kill you with keyboards (even though they have THREE keyboard players), as well as playing songs that just don’t become as stagnant to me. The band’s founder, Tom Phillips, is known for his time in the UK band Solstice. Fear of Infinity is the band’s fifth album.

Wormrot – Dirge (Earache)
The follow-up to Wormrot’s crushing debut Abuse will be just as sickening as its predecessor. The trio from Singapore blew me away with their aforementioned debut in 2009, which I must point out was brought to my attention by the Grind and Punishment blog. Earache decided to release Dirge as a free digital download when it leaked last month, but various physical configurations are available for purchase here. 2011 is KIIIILLING with the brutal jams.

Xerath – II (Candlelight)
Symphonic groove metal? Apt description as any. Xerath, hailing, from the UK, combine chunky and groovy metal riffs with keyboard melodies and technical playing. Invoking moments of Strapping Young Lad and Soilwork, the band is producing some cool stuff for sure, although not entirely enthralling. [Read MS contributor Corey Mitchell’s rave about the album. -Ed.]


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