Remember the adorable video for Pantera’s “Cowbells Is My Name,” where they had those kids pretending to be the band? Well, “So Far Away,” the new video from Avenged Sevenfold (featuring the twenty-third best modern metal guitarist, Synyster Gates) is kinda like that, except it takes itself way, way, way seriously.

It also does not adhere to the rules of logic. Let’s see if we can try to figure this out:

  • There are five kids, who presumably grow-up to be Avenged Sevenfold.
  • In their garage while they rehearse, there are only four kids, apparently because M. Shadows wasn’t jamming with his friends at that point, or was excused from rehearsals since he’s the singer, or whatever.
  • At both the :22 second mark and the 2:06 mark, four of the kids dissolve into the band today, including the kid who is clearly supposed to be The Rev. So, in other words, according to the world of this video, Kid The Rev  morphed into another band member prior to Adult The Rev passing away. Either that, or another member of the band used to play drums and then switched instruments, although that’s really not clear from this clip.
  • Then, when the band is playing the song in the present in their rehearsal space or whatever the hell that room is supposed to be, there is no one playing drums, despite the fact that the song features drums. This is either meant to be a tribute to The Rev, or a message to current drummer Arin Ilejay that he’s not yet worthy of being in an Avenged Sevenfold music video.

I get that the band is trying to honor their fallen brother, but, really, this is just silly. And there was an easier-than-easy fix, too, which would have been to just have five kids, and when they dissolve into their adult versions, remove one of them. That would have made sense, and it would have added an extra sense of melancholy to the proceedings. But I guess that would have taken too much thought on director Wayne Isham’s part.

Good song, though.

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