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Jamey Jasta has a solo album, simply entitled Jasta (I wish it were called Jasta! for some reason but okay), out on July 26 via eOne, I guess because he’s getting restless on account of the fact that it’s been five minutes since he released anything with Hatebreed, Kingdom of Sorrow, or Icepick, or started a clothing line, or a record label, or a festival tour, or hosted a television show, or pulled a lttle girl from burning wreckage while simultaneously delivering a brood of puppies and curing herpes. (I’m saying the dude keeps busy.) And now there’s a track from that album, “Mourn the Illusion,” streaming here.

It’s definitely a catchy song and I have a ton of respect for Jasta. Thing is, Jasta said he’s doing a solo album because “these are all songs that… didn’t really fit with Hatebreed or Kingdom of Sorrow. Plus, those recipes are so successful that I wouldn’t want to change it or switch it up.” And I’m really not convinced that this couldn’t, or shouldn’t, have been a Hatebreed song.

Yeah, it’s not exactly like Hatebreed — but it is a lot like Hatebreed, and the little variances in riffage and vocal style are, at least in my opinion, just what that band needs right now. Their music shouldn’t be thought of as a “recipe,” it should be thought of as an organic, ever-evolving being. Yes, changes in sound can be tricky to pull off sometimes, but I’d imagine that Hatebreed have amassed enough goodwill from their fanbase at this point that not recording Perseverance Part VII or whatever would go over just fine. I know it would make me happy! (And I’m the only person that matters, right?)

ANYWAY, this is all kinda nitpicky, ’cause like I said, I do like this song. Check it out here; you can also just download it from iTunes.


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