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Gotta hand it to Megadeth — they really seem to have connected with the video game market. A few years ago, they unveiled their single, “Gears of War,” as part of the launch for the game of the same name; then last year they recorded a new song, “Sudden Death,” exclusively for Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock; and now they’ve got ANOTHER new song in ANOTHER video game. The game is called Never Dead, and the song appears in the trailer, which you can watch below — the trailer begins at the 22:22 mark, but the song doesn’t kick in ’til the 24 minute mark.

And I gotta say, I think exploiting video games as a promotional outlet is a really smart move (and Dave Mustaine must feel the same way, or he wouldn’t keep doing it over and over again). I have no idea how these songs do as singles (or, in the case of “Gears of War,” as parts of a larger album) sales-wise, but presumably the band gets a nice paycheck just for including the tune in the game. And if it attracts a new generation of fans, well, all the better.

ANYWAY, it’s a little hard to really listen to the song with all the audio from the trailer laid over it, but, uh… it basically sounds okay to me. Check it out, then weight in with your thoughts in the comments section.


Thanks to the anonymous reader who sent this in!

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