Not Quite Metal?



Accuse The Last Nova of not being metal and you’ll be correct. So if you’re offended by the presence of a little sugary hard rock in your morning dose of br00tal-O’s, kindly skip to the next post.

San Francisco hard rockers The Last Nova play the kind of nu-metal-riff-inflected hard rock that was popular in the early-mid aughties; if bands like Depswa, Systematic, Dark New Day or Alston mean anything to you then you know exactly what I’m talking about. No rapping, DJs or samples, but that little bit of nu-metal guitar tonality and radio rock friendliness, and, in many cases, really good vocalists, as is the case with The Last Nova (dude reminds me a lot of Alston’s Kobie Jackson).

In case you couldn’t tell, I think The Last Nova write really catchy hard rock songs that could smoke most of what’s on hard rock radio today (heyo Seether). So if you’re like OG MetalSucks reader Sammy and usually dig this kind of stuff, check it out.


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