Everyone's Replaceable



Last week bassists did like a million things wrong and one thing right, but I was optimistic that this week all would be well in Four String Land again.

Oh well.

Apparently pre-dating any of those other bass players’ moves to be poopy, bassist Filip “Heinrich” Hałucha apparently split with Decapitated earlier this month… although I haven’t seen it reported anywhere. (In all fairness, it seems to have happened while I was on vacation; but a Google search didn’t turn up any results, so I’m assuming that this is news which just fell through the cracks.)

Decapitated guitarist/general mastermind Vogg explained to some Polish website the cause of the split; here’s Google’s translation of that account, which doesn’t really read like English but I think is close enough that you should be able to understand the gist of it:

“Heniek decided to take a recording studio and Vesania. He said that does not give council time to work on so many fronts. We wish him good luck and thank you for your kind cooperation!”

So that sounds amicable at least, which is always nice.

ANYWAY, no word on who Decap’s new bassist will be, but I don’t really see this news as cause for concern; the band has (obviously) been through way worse and survived, and not only did Halucha never write anything for the group, but their recent release, Carnival is Forever (our review here), is the only one of their albums he ever appeared on. So expect things to be hunky dory again in Decapitated any second now.


Thanks to Eric V. for bringing this to our attention.


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