San Diego Comic-Con, which is currently considered the nerd convention of the year, is now underway. That means that nearly every studio, network, video game publisher, comic book publisher, toy company, and who knows what else have a presence there right now, and are currently teasing fans with all their big upcoming products, from the new Spider-Man movie to Ridley Scott’s Alien prequel to friggin’ Twilight.

But who gives a hoot about any of that? Mike Judge showed up to preview the return of Beavis and Butt-Head, and that preview is now available for your viewing pleasure below. There are some slight differences to the old show — the animation seems a little cleaner, and Beavis’ voice sounds a teensy bit different than it did back in the day — but on the whole, it appears to be the same old idiocy with which we all fell in love so many years ago. Sigh.

The best part comes after the three-minute mark, when we get a taste of what B&B will be doing now instead of critiquing music videos — watching crap like Jersey Shore. Needless to say, their take on America’s most obnoxious reality show gets an A++++++ WDBWA.

Still no word yet on a premiere date for the new episodes, but it should be soonish. In the meantime, Collider has a detailed recap of Mike Judge’s entier panel at Comic-Con.



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