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Corrupt Absolute“Think extended touring in China is impossible? Think again.”

So goes the motto of Honolulu, HI thrash act Corrupt Absolute, a band who have made a career of touring where no other metal bands will: China. Given, Corrupt Absolute’s total isolation and unique geographic location make China just a little more appealing and feasible than it would be for most bands, but still… fucking China! Can you imagine trying to promote a metal show in a country whose government shut down 1.3 million websites last year alone?

The folks at MetalAsFuck.net spoke with Corrupt Absolute’s Jack Doom about touring in China — how to set up shows there, what to do and what not to do, what to eat and what not to eat, and of course a few stories about what it’s like — and it’s a fascinating read. On playing China’s big cities vs. out-of-the-way locales:

Who do you think is going to mosh more enthusiastically? The jaded Shanghai hesher who sees international acts on a weekly basis, or the factory worker in an industrial town that hasn’t seen a foreign metal band pass through in two years? Tell ‘em Jack.

“I prefer to play the small places the big bands won’t go. We’ll go to small places in China where they’ve never seen a white guy and we’ll get three of four hundred people at a show. We’ll go way out in the sticks. The next shows I’m working on are way out in the western side by Burma, as far out as we can go.”

Sounds a lot like touring America, eh? Read the rest at MetalAsFuck.net.


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