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Ludicra have posted the following message on both their official website and Facebook page:

“Ludicra has officially disbanded. It’s been a great and rewarding ride. We would like to thank all who’ve supported us and been involved.”

And that’s it. That’s the end of Ludicra. (I guess I should add, “at least for now.” In this day and age, I don’t think one should ever discount the possibility of an eventual reunion.)

Over at Invisible Oranges, Cosmo Lee writes that “I feel as if a friend has died,” and while I’m not as massive a diehard fan as Lee is (he says they’re his favorite band), I do understand the sentiment; this sucks, and it’s hard to find any words which will express its suckage in a meaningful way. The group just released an amazing album, The Tenant, last year, and that record made multiple year-end lists here at MetalSucks, including  Vince’s, Satan Rosenbloom’s, and Grim Kim’s — in fact, the latter two writers both named it the best album of the year. Ludicra weren’t just still artistically viable — they were still artistically vibrant.

I’m glad the band is going out on such a high note, but that’s just about the only aspect of this news I’m glad about. What a major, major bummer.

Let’s remember them in the best way possible:


Thanks to everyone who e-mailed us about this.


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