It’s been over two months since the new Gojira song “Of Blood and Salt” crushed our nuts into peanut brittle with promises that the long-awaited Sea Shepherd EP would finally soon see the light of day, and still we’ve got bupkes as far as a potential release date. Even so, that the EP eventually comes out seems a formality at this point; we know the recording is done, and since the band is self-releasing it and donating all the proceeds to Sea Shepherd (the anti-whaling organization seen on Whale Wars) there’s no record label red tape to navigate through. That doesn’t make the waiting any easier for us, but “soon” seems promising at this point.

Of much greater import is what will happen to Gojira in the long term now that their U.S. deal with Prosthetic Records has ended, and, if I’m not mistaken, their European deal with Listenable too. Gojira are free agents, and as one of the most talked-about and beloved metal bands of the past several years they’ll have their pick of the label litter.

It’s been three years since The Way of All Flesh was released; what in the F is taking so long to announce a new deal? Word through the grapevine is that Gojira are asking for hella money upfront and that a few labels have already balked at such a hefty advance. So, oh faithful MetalSucks reader… with which record label will Gojira end up??? I’ve tried to include realistic choices so some labels are omitted; for example, I love the bands on Seventh Rule but I don’t think there’s any possibility Gojira will sign there… and likewise, Tooth & Nail won’t suddenly decide to break secular.

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