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This is the new White Wizzard song “Starchild.” According to a press release from Earache, it features “studio vocalist” Wyatt Anderson — who recently quit the band for the second time, you may recall. So, aside from drummer Giovanni Durst — who plays on this recording too — who exactly is in the touring version of White Wizzard right now with bassist/founder/songwriter Jon Leon? It’s one of those questions we may never understand but will just have to accept the answers to at face-value, like how the price of gasoline is calculated and what exactly the CIA does anyway. Yeah, I just compared Jon Leon to the CIA.

Anyway, the song is aight; the press release boasts that it’s got “a powerful arena rock sound that stands out from the band’s usual fist-pumping heavy metal anthems,” so I suppose this ballad is an outlier on Flying Tigers, the new album out September 19th, and that said album will have plenty of songs closer to the, um, over the top nature of Over the Top. And hopefully a few more kick-ass videos to go along with them too.


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