White Wizzard’s Mom Took Him to the Mall to Make a New Music Video

  • Axl Rosenberg

White Wizzard’s Mom recently took White Wizzard to the mall so he could use their “Make Your Own Music Video!” booth to make his own music video for his song “Breakout.” The booth’s founder and operator’s uncle by marriage’s freshman college roommate was an intern at ILM when they made The Abyss, so he really knows his stuff, and is able to offer top of the line, cutting edge special effects at William Castle prices. This is great news for White Wizzard, who has  really strong about the hypocrisy of religion that you’ve never heard before, ’cause the visuals are so hypnotic that everyone will watch this video and be like “WHOA! Did you guys know that religion is like a cult? Because I did not know that religion is like a cult!”

White Wizzard’s Mom wanted to watch White Wizzard make his video because she thinks White Wizzard is so adorable when he’s doing metal, but White Wizzard was like “MA-AHM!!!!” and so she went and read in the food court until he was done. But she loves the video and sends it to all her friends and even posted it on Facebook! White Wizzard’s Mom sure is a swell lady.

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