Tour de Force



In case the bad joke in my headline didn’t give it away, In Flames have dropped off of the remainder of this year’s Mayhem Fest. A statement by the group released over the weekend explains that “a serious terminal illness of one the band’s immediate family members” is the cause of the cancellation — which is a valid excuse if ever there was one — and promises that In Flames “will be back at the start of 2012.”

There’s not much analysis to be offered here; having a sick family member is a terrible thing, and very obviously needs to take priority over pretty much anything else. Whichever band member it is, we wish him well during this hard time.

And it’s a bummer for fans — even if Sounds of a Playground Fading wasn’t exactly the best album ever, IF can still bring it live. The silver lining is that lots of other great artists are still on the bill. Get remaining tour dates here.



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