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The Bled

This sucks. Not just because I really like The Bled and I’m sad they won’t be making new music anymore, but because The Bled were one of THOSE bands. One of those bands that took risks outside of what their initial scene found acceptable, and as such one of those bands that ended up not fitting in anywhere. Too heavy/legit for the Christcore scene, too weird for the haircut band scene, not really metalcore, not really deathcore, not heavy enough for the brutal metal tours but too heavy for the pop/alt metal tours… not able to be put into any one specific box. And while it’s cool to say you’re doing something so unique it can’t be classified, for many bands at The Bled’s level that aren’t big enough to strike out on their own on a consistent basis (Tool, Muse, Dredg, Thrice, etc), that ultimately meant their undoing.

That’s my theory, anyway. According to (and MS reader “theskunkcatcher”) the band posted the following message on their Facebook page, without really giving any reasons for the breakup other than “we want to do other things with our lives”:

After 10 years of making music together we have decided its time to move on to new things. We are in the process of booking our final tour and will post dates for that as soon it’s confirmed. We want to thank Rise Records, Paradigm Talent Agency, the companies who endorsed us, tour mates, promoters, anyone who worked for us, and most of all, those of you who supported us. Whether you were a fan or just sat through one of our sets to see the next band, we can’t thank you guys enough. We have met some amazing people all over the world and that has been the best part of being in this band. That being said, we hope to see you in all November for one last run. Much love.


At least die-hard Bled fans will get to see them play live one last time. I wouldn’t really call myself a die-hard, but I did like them… and, fittingly, I never got to see them live because they were always on tour with crappy bands I didn’t care about.

R.I.P. The Bled.


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