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That’s what a horrible translation of a story from the French site Spirit of Metal tells us, but we have no official confirmation.

Still, let us take a moment to ponder this possibility. For this is MetalSucks, and we are nothing if not ponderers.


On the one hand, the chance that Gojira might do anything not 210% super-awesome is, at least at this current date, wholly unfathomable to me. And Rubin has produced some really awesome records in the past.

BUT, also Limp Bizkit, Linkin Park, and American Head Charge.

AND, there was a time when I thought that Metallica was unfuckwithable, and we all know how that worked out, so really my adoration of Gojira is no guarante of anything.

BUT, assuming Gojira have not gone out of their minds… as I understand it, Rubin is a very hands-off producer — he basically shows up, listens to what the band has been working on, gives notes, and leaves (that’s how he’s able to produce seemingly every album anyone ever asks him to). So if Gojira bring the fucking mind-blowing, really, it would be hard for Rubin to fuck it up, unless he, like, tells them they should add a turntablist, and they listen to him.

So, yeah, Rick Rubin wouldn’t be my first choice to produce a Gojira record, but I wouldn’t shit my pants with fear just yet, either. And, really, we should wait and see if this is even true before we begin to freak out. So everyone just remain calm. I SAID REMAIN FUCKING CALM, OKAY?!


Thanks: James Mayo

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