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It seems like we’re getting a ridiculous amount of good new music today, doesn’t it? It’s almost overwhelming. It’s also pretty much, like, the best problem to have ever.

So. Next up on the docket is “Beyond the Lightless Sky,” the title track for the new album from Brooklyn’s own Hull. And, yeah, it’s fucking great. As the cover art suggests, it’s totally off-the-wall stoner metal that’s somehow fun and scary at the same time. In fact, if you get stoned, put the song on repeat, and just stare at that cover art, you could totally get lost in it and suddenly realize you’ve been trying to write about it for the past half-hour. I’m not speaking from experience or anything. My, uh, friend, who is also a blogger, told me that.

So yeah what were we talking about? Right. Hull’s “Beyond the Lightless Sky.” Check it out here. The album comes out October 11 on The End. It has guest appearances from Jarboe and Batillus’ Fade Kainer, so be twice as excited as you already were.


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