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Few modern prog rock acts are as compelling as Woodstock’s 3. They’re top notch musicians, of course, but they’re also great songwriters who never get bogged down in showing off their skills with their instruments or naval gazing — they just make great music, period. If you already know the band, than we presume you already have October 11 marked in your calendar as the day that Metal Blade will release 3’s latest, The Ghost You Gave to Me; and if you somehow don’t know 3 yet, will, now is a great time to educate yourself!

MetalSucks is proud to premiere “React,” a new track from the aforementioned The Ghost You Gave to Me. Check it out below, celebrate its awesome awesomeness in our comments section, and then go here to pre-order the album in a variety of formats prior to the October 11 release date. We promise you will be glad ya did!

[this streaming promotion has ended]

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